Whether you ship one or thousands of international packages a day, Rock Transit has a solution to simplify your shipping operations so you can focus on growing your business globally. Take advantage of free coverage, an easy claims process, no hassle of printing customs forms and more.


Available with our pickup service only, we leverage our extensive network to provide our customers with unrivaled and cost-effective domestic package shipping solutions.



Rock Transit has separate freight distribution networks in countries such as Belgium, and Netherlands

Individual solutions

In addition to standardised transport services, Rock Transit offers solutions for goods that because of their size, weight or urgency require special handling.



Speed and punctuality are the first priorities for every Rock Transit Service – nationwide and Canada


In countries such as Denmark, Italy, Germany as well as in North America Rock Transit offers various Express options.


Sending parcels reliably

Reliable parcel delivery within defined standard delivery times is the strong point of Rock Transit. Domestic parcels usually reach their destination in less than 24 hours. In the US and Canada delivery times are generally between 24 and 96 hours.
Parcel products can be combined with optional services, meaning that Rock Transit is also able to meet special delivery requirements.

Receiving parcels easily

Throughout Rock Transit recipients have different options to receive their parcels e.g. home delivery, Parcel Shops and drop-off boxes.


As a leading parcel logistics company operating throughout U.S. states, Canada and Europe, Rock Transit is aware of its responsibility for people, the environment and society.


With activities in the area of alternative fuel technologies and urban logistics, Rock Transit is paving the way for a successful future.


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